A little history...

Marco considers himself a garage winemaker, producing small numbers and limited series. Pinot Noir is vinified in red and as a sparkling wine using the traditional Champagne method. This presents a difficult challenge. Pinot Noir, while being one of the most difficult varieties to be cultivated in the vineyard, is also a grape that does not forgive the inexperience in the cellar. This can produce mediocre or banal wines. Marco’s reference point is clearly France, namely Champagne and Burgundy. At home he has a tasting room where he shows all the bottles that made him feel a big thrill: “I need not to lose the sense of my research. On each I have written with whom I drank it, when and where, and often a comment. I know, they are almost all French bottles, but what can I do? The great pinot noirs come from there!

Marco wants to experience all the possible expressions of the grape he loves. However, he is aware that any experiment in the cellar must start from a perfect raw material. He never tires of repeating “that only with good and healthy grape bunches we can aspire to produce a good and healthy wine”. Therefore it is in the vineyards where he initially concentrates all his efforts; the choice of sites with the best micro-climatic and geological characteristics; the best French clones; severe pruning to get very low yields; manual harvesting in boxes only when the grapes reached the perfect aromatic and polyphenolic maturation and – most importantly – he practices an agriculture respectful of the land and the environment. He is a perfectionist, perfectly aware of his obsession with quality.

Since 2009, Opificio del Pinot Nero has sold strictly traditional Champagne method sparkling wines in both white and rosé. Marco loves his sparkling wines to be fine and elegant, with a strong personality. Since their conception he has chosen to let the bottles stand on the lees for several years, allowing time to develop the complex tertiary aromas alongside a very fine bead. His philosophy is that “The market is full of young and good sparkling wines, why make another? I am a distance runner. I like the long race, the test of time ...”

From the 2007 vintage there is also available a RED Pinot Noir. This PINOT NERO was patiently fermented and aged in oak, in the manner of the great Burgundy reds. “I believe that with a good raw material, winemaking is a natural process and that the manufacturer's task is only to manage favoring its natural path”, constitutes Marco.

Over the years Marco has had many experiences in his pursuit of honoring Pinot Noir. Today we can find on the market some of the bottles born from small productions of often only a few hundred. These bottles elegantly communicate the creative talent of a craftsman and of a true artisan of Pinot Noir.