One winter evening in 1997, while sitting in front of the fireplace, drinking – enjoying every sip - an old Champagne Blanc de Noir which he had purchased in France during one of his many wine pilgrimages, Marco decided that he wanted to honor that wonderful grape which is called Pinot Noir. He too wanted to create important and complex sparkling wines, which do not stop in the mouth but that go straight to the brain and from there, directly to the heart. It was then that Marco decided to devote part of his home into a cellar and started designing the wines that we find today in the cellars of many wine enthusiasts.

OPIFICIO DEL PINOT NERO (literally the WORKSHOP OF PINOT NOIR) is the company created to market the wines designed and crafted by Marco Buvoli since that night, from that bottle in front of that fireplace.

The Creative Workshop

A workshop is the place where the craftsman reflects, creates and builds. It is his studio and his lab. Marco’s is his small cellar, which he calls Creative Workshop. This is the place where his wines are conceptualized and where Marco best expresses his obsessive search for the "perfect pinot noir". In his laboratory, full of small barrels and tanks, Marco experiments with various winemaking techniques that are then applied to the production itself, often in the cellars of his mutually adventurous friends.